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Faculty Position Profile


Education: Associates degree for diploma programs. Bachelors degree for degree programs.
Experience: Minimum three years related work experience. Teaching experience preferred.
Skills: Interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, good organizational skills, ability to train others, desire to learn, attention to detail, ability to facilitate.


Primary Duties: To maintain instructional methodology consistent with YTI Career Institute's learning model and to tailor course materials to the levels and needs of individual students that will ultimately cause students to develop employable skills leading them to jobs that are commensurate with student ability and employer expectation.


  • Develop and maintain instruction methodology which allows individual students to have a sense of successfully accomplishing goals leading to employment in their career field
  • Give each student the opportunity, the motivational environment, and the constructive challenge to succeed
  • Utilize the system of student support to assist students identify and strengthen areas of subject weakness
  • Tailor training and education materials to the level and needs of each student to achieve above average starting earnings
  • Provide a curriculum that reflects the needs of employers
  • Provide students with the communication and professional skills required in the student's career field
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