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YTI Faculty Presentation Information

Employees of YTI are fully committed to our mission statement, which reads, YTI is helping committed students attain rewarding careers through industry modeled, student centered, training and support of the highest caliber.

Because we focus on an industry modeled education setting, we encourage industry leaders to step into the classroom and share their knowledge and experiences with the next generation. But, it is important that those who step up to the plate do so within the YTI model.

A sample presentation allows the faculty and staff to see how you, the candidate, present your material within the guidelines of our mission. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and present subject matter that you are familiar with. (Please make arrangements ahead of time with the recruiter for any tech, handouts or props necessary to your presentation.)

What we look for:

  • Accuracy of information being presented that demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter
  • A general idea of how to present that knowledge to others in a manner that can be easily comprehended
  • Confidence and passion for the field/subject matter, along with the ability to answer questions about the content
  • Professionalism, good speaking voice, good grammar, preparedness, and creativity
  • An objective (lesson outcome) that is accomplished - a summary of the lesson and a means to gauge that learning took place
  • Utilization of lecture and hands-on participation that involves participants in the lesson
    (Please remember to proofread all hand-outs you plan to use.)
  • A presentation that does not seem too rehearsed and has a conversational or impromptu quality
  • Strong opening and closing that previews/recaps what was taught
  • Eye contact-all over the room, not just focusing on a single person or section or the room

Presentation Format:
The presentation should be 15-20 minutes long and should not go over 20 minutes

  • Briefly introduce the lesson
  • Present the lesson material
  • Lead the "class" through some kind of hands on activity
  • Summarize the lesson

Presentation Topics:
A list of subject specific topics will be provided

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