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Top 4 Things Every Pastry Artist Should Know

Do you want to work with your hands? Do you want a career doing something creative? Try your hand at a career in the pastry arts! You could create all sorts of pastries, breads, and desserts including croissants, artisan breads, pies, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, and much more! These are the top 4 things every pastry artist should know:

1. The Science of Food
You'll need to have a basic understanding of the scientific principles of food. You might work with perishable and even delicate food that require careful handling. For example, when using cream, you'll need to know the proper temperature for storage. You'll need to understand basic biology, nutrition, food safety, and sanitation.

2. How to Read a Recipe
As a pastry or bakery assistant, you might help a pastry chef prepare the food. Thoroughly reading and understanding a recipe is an essential first step in the process. This might sound like a simple task, but some recipes have a very specific step-by-step procedure. You'll also need to know the many measurement abbreviations such as tsp for teaspoon.

3. How to Measure Correctly
Pastries and baked goods usually require very precise measurements. Put your eye for detail to good use with every careful measurement you make. Some ingredients need to be handled in a very specific way. For example, flour should be fluffed before lightly scooping, whereas brown sugar should be packed down to remove extra air.

4. How to Plate Desserts in an Elegant and Appealing Way
Dessert shouldn't just taste great, but look great, too! Whether you work at a fine restaurant, at a hotel, or at a bakery, presentation is key. Use your creativity to design tasty masterpieces.

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