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The Evolution of Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

How a time-honored program has adapted

Drafting and design are skills that have been utilized for thousands of years and it wasn't that long ago that both were done completely by hand. This often meant that a single part could take weeks to be designed by an entire team of engineers, architects, and drafters. Through technological advancement, the field has drastically changed and resulted in the creation of Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD).

What is CADD?

CADD uses 2D and 3D modeling software to create computerized layouts, models, and design drafts. 3D printers typically develop and actualize the parts the drafter has designed for prototyping. For example, before any part is built, an exact 3D model of it is laid out on a computer and printed to give the customer or client an idea of how the final product will appear. Additionally, residential and commercial buildings are drawn using 3D software. It is with this software that drafters, designers and clients can review the design and layout for functionality and aesthetics, before a single nail is ever driven.

CADD's History in York

When YTI Career Institute originally opened its doors 50 years ago, it was a drafting school. This was a direct response to the fast-growing needs of the area's industries. While the methods of CADD have changed since the school's inception, the demands of the local industry leaders haven't and the program continues to adapt to meet those needs.

Jobs requiring CADD expertise include civil drafting, mechanical drafting, and residential and commercial drafting, to name a few.

Why enroll in the CADD program?

Real—world experience in CADD is a relevant and valuable skill in the highly-computerized world we live in today. At YTI, students can earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree within 21 months. Your YTI experience will include qualified hands-on instruction with the technical facilities using the tools and programs that you'll be expected to know on the job.

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Program lengths vary. Not all programs available at all locations. Job placement not guaranteed. Financial aid is available to students who qualify.