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Is our food really safe?

07.05.12 | The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts

I recently saw a news broadcast about Indiana State Police teaming up with the health department in the attempt to crack down on the transportation of food in unrefrigerated trucks. The trucks they stopped were heading to local grocery stores and restaurants. When the drivers were questioned, they made excuses that the refrigeration unit didn't work, their truck broke down and they had to use a rented truck, it saves on gas, etc.

How many times do you think that this happens here in our state? This is something that we as chefs in Pennsylvania need to think about. This could be the difference between running a successful restaurant or one that is going to go out of business. Look at it from your customers point of view. If your food makes 10 people sick do you think that customers will blame the delivery truck?

So take a minute and listen when your delivery truck pulls up to the loading dock. Can you hear the refrigeration unit running? And make sure that you ALWAYS inspect the food that is coming into your restaurant and cook food to the proper temperature. It's your business that's in jeopardy, not the delivery drivers'.

Chef Robert Cobb
The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts
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