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How to Fix 4 Common Motorcycle Problems

Do you love motorcycles? If you own one, you should know a thing or two about basic maintenance and repair. Here's how to fix 4 common motorcycle problems:

1. Flat Tire
If the handle bars become shaky or the steering feels off, it might mean you have a flat tire. Don't slam on the brakes, instead simply slow down and pull over to inspect the tires. If the damaged tire is tubeless, use your tire repair kit to remove the object and plug the punctured hole. If your tires have tubes or you don't feel confident about plugging the hole safely, contact a mechanic or a roadside assistance service.

2. Dead Battery
No one wants a dead battery, especially on a motorcycle. A basic jump start should do the trick, but, if you're alone, use the push start method. Turn the ignition and engine kill switches on, then put the bike in neutral and push it on a slight downhill section of the road. As the bike speeds up, shift into second gear and release the clutch quickly. Avoid a dead battery altogether! Ride your motorcycle at least 25 miles or 5 hours per week to keep it fully charged.

3. Loose Chain or Belt
If your bike feels loose or jerks as you switch gears, then you might have a loose chain or belt. This repair could be as easy as adjusting the tension. Use the index marks as a guide to align the chain properly while you tighten it. If this doesn't solve the problem, the chain or belt might need to be replaced. Be sure to keep the chain lubricated.

4. Fuel Contamination
Because motorcycles are sometimes left unused for longer periods of time than cars, the gas that's sitting in the tank can clog the fuel system. Simply add a fuel stabilizer to prevent this contamination.

Regular maintenance on any vehicle is important. Monitor the oil and fuel levels, test the brakes regularly, and check the tires' pressure and traction. Bring your motorcycle to a professional mechanic if problems arise that you can't solve yourself.

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