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8 Habits of a Successful Student

1.14.15 | Career Training

Wondering how to be successful in school? Just follow the lead of successful students. There's more to being a student than attending class. To really be successful, you need some helpful habits to put you on the right path. Adopt these 8 habits, and you could be on your way to great success.

  1. Prioritize. Set and prioritize short and long term goals and take steps to reach them. A successful student knows what he or she wants and goes after it. No matter how small, your goals are what keep you motivated day by day.

  2. Get organized. Take neat and organized notes during class, write down daily and weekly to do lists, and mark deadlines on your calendar. Plan your time and make a schedule that works for you. When is the best time to go grocery shopping or study for an exam? Designate a quiet study area that's free of clutter. Organization helps relieve stress and prevent procrastination.

  3. Arrive early. Arrive for class a few minutes early. Arriving early allows you to choose the seat that is best for you and your learning style. It gives you time to be calm, cool, and collected which makes for a productive learning experience.

  4. Connect with others. Connect with a few students in your class who you could call on to answer a question or get help. Introduce yourself to instructors before or after class.

  5. Ask questions. Be present in the moment to learn the information, practice, and participate. Contribute to class discussions and ask questions. Be an active and engaged learner. If you get lost or don't understand, ask the instructor or a classmate for help.

  6. Pay attention in class and work efficiently. Get in the learning mode and concentrate on the task at hand. Focus on doing it once and doing it right.

  7. Review your notes frequently. Make a habit to review your notes daily or weekly. The class will be fresh in your mind and you'll absorb the information much easier.

  8. Save it all. Be your own resource and save notes for your own future reference. Class materials, notes, and assignments can be very useful for future classes or even on-the-job tasks when you kick start your career.

Successful students have many habits that keep them on track. If you adopt these habits as your own, you could be on your way to the success you've always wanted to achieve.

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