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4 Modern Techniques to Enhance Your Job Search

The search for a job can be overwhelming. In fact, many see it as a job in itself. But, if you stay organized and keep a positive online presence, you'll be one step closer to making yourself marketable to employers. Do you want to find the job you've always dreamt of, but not sure where to start? Go where the employers are - online! Here's how to job search in the digital age:

  1. Embrace Online Employment Websites
    The days of flipping through the newspaper for jobs are long gone. Browse for job openings through a search engine or directly through employment websites. Check out online job sites like Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, Career Builder, and much more. Many sites not only let you post your résumé, but they also allow you to sift through information and employee reviews. Create a candidate profile so that employers can find and contact you directly. Include your specific career objectives, past accomplishments, and even how far you're willing to commute. Sign up for job alerts built by your own criteria so you don't miss out on the perfect opportunity. If you create a candidate profile directly through the employer's website, be sure to customize your résumé.

  2. Utilize Social Media
    Social media has integrated itself into everyday life, and your job search is no different. Social media has changed the job search landscape. Follow and connect with industry leaders and recruiters on social media platforms. Use LinkedIn to network with people in your field, upload your portfolio or résumé, add your certifications, search for job openings, and apply for positions. Use filters to narrow your search by industry, location, or experience level. Make your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles private and untag, hide, or remove photos that you don't want a potential employer to see.

  3. Reverse the Search
    Put yourself in the employer's shoes. Search for yourself and see what turns up. This technique helps you polish your online image so that it's appealing to a potential employer. You might catch something you didn't know about such as a photo a friend posted of you.

  4. Leverage the Speed of Email
    Email makes the job search and application process much more efficient. The speed of email allows you to send thank you notes and follow ups shortly after an interview. Remember, once you hit the send button, the email is out there, so make sure you have proofread for grammatical errors and typos.

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